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Mask/Off - do you have maskne...I mean acne behind your mask?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Now that lockdown number X is easing, we start to get anxious, nervous about our appearance once again. What`s behind closed doors...I mean what`s behind the mask? Have your skin developed maskne? I`m sure this is not an official word but I`ve already heard it several times and how true it is. Unfortunately we do get a better chance to get acne behind our masks than usual. Even if your skin type is not on the oilier side, wearing a mask can change the condition of your skin so quickly. My skin definitely looks different when I need to wear a mask, even if it is just for popping into the shops. It will have dry patches but also having more acne breakouts than normal.

The big question is, what can you do about it?

First of all, you need to start implementing a very basic skincare routine - if you haven`t done it already - starting with cleansing your face twice a day. If you think it is just too much, please do cleanse it at least before you go to bed. This is a good habit as well because one of the major contributors to acne is that you leave your make up on when you go to bed. Bacteria will it. There is no more to say. Full stop.⁠

What an acne prone skin needs is clean pores and to try and reduce oil production.

When selecting a cleanser, acne prone skin likes a very gentle foaming cleanser which can break through all of your skin`s oil and grime without causing any irritation. Do not try any harsh abrasive cleanser as it will just make oil production worse. What you need to remember is that controlling oil production is what you are after. If your skin is really oily, you can use clay face mask which will open your pores up whilst cleansing and tightening your skin. Clay mask is very good in pulling dirt from your skin.

Take super extra attention using dry clean towels for every step in your skincare routine. This will help to reduce any dirt or just a dirt particle to transfer from a used towel onto your freshly cleansed face.

Interesting fact which you might not know is that oily hair can add oil to your face, so it is important to wash your hair and if you have longer hair, pull it back, away from your face.

Once you happy with step number one, you`d like to hydrate your skin, put some moisture back in, and what else could be a great addition to this routine if not a natural face oil? I know, I know....oily skin with acne and adding again more oil? If you use the correct type of oils which absorbs quickly, having essential oils such as rosemary which can control oil production, a good natural face oil can help. Have a look at my other post about using a natural face oil, click here.

So, back to locking that moisture in. Once you have a clean canvas aka your beautiful clean face, you can use some floral water to massage the oil into your skin as otherwise from where get the moisture, right? If you go down the new hype called skinimalism (use as less skincare products as possible), you might just use water or floral water for this added moisture however, if you have a much loved moisturiser, of course you don`t need to abandon that love, use that before your face oil. Still however, a few spritz of floral water won`t hurt...just saying...

I am sure that all those mask wearing days has taken the toll on your skin.

I would not use too many skincare products at the beginning so your skin can slowly but surely get used to your new routine and it won`t be a shock to the system. You know your skin better and your skin will tell you if it doesn`t like something.⁠ Skinimalism might be right up your street for a good start.

So.....are you ready? Is there any special routine you have added to your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments.

Have a lovely day.

Naturally Yours,


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