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What is a face oil and why do you need one in your life right now?

Is face oil just another hype so your skincare budget needs to be increased and you will end up with a zillion- step skincare routine? Is it just a nice to have? I can assure you that this is quite far from the truth.

First of all what is a face oil?

It is a so called anhydrous product which means it has no water content. The beauty of this is that in this case, such a product does not need preservative or even emulsifier (you need this to keep water and oil together). One bonus point for the hardcore natural product lovers! Yay!

Every face oil would contain only one type of oil or a blend of different types, some added actives and even some essential oils.

Even one type of oil can be quite potent, depending on which type you`d like to use and what skin problem you are targeting. Each oil has its own benefit (hint: don`t worry, I will cover quite a few in the upcoming weeks).

Let`s face it, it is oil after all so you might be a little nervous putting that on your face especially if you have oily skin. Believe me, the right type of oil will do wonders to your oily or acne-prone skin. This is one of the reasons why you will need only a tiny amount. However, you need to experiment what is your skin`s preferred dosage. I would recommend to start with maximum of 2 drops for your entire face. Do you agree that this is a budget friendly product? I thought so.

If you truly like natural products, face oil could be one of your best friend because it can have so little ingredients and yet it can be still very high performance, hence my motto: Natural - Simple - High Performance, a truly NO-NONSENSE skincare product.

Face oil is usually the last step in your skincare routine. Reason behind is that oil will create a barrier on your skin not just to protect it from the elements and pollution but also to lock in moisture. Whilst defending the skin from pollution, it also enhance the penetration of other ingredients into the deeper layer of your skin. Before you apply your face oil, you apply everything else even your night time moisturiser if your skin is that thirsty. I love to apply my face oil after a shower or bath because my skin would be damp and my skin would absorb all the goodness much easier. I would - of course - still use my beloved rose water for its extra benefit - not to mention its beautiful scent.

Face oil is emollient, makes your skin silky soft, smooth and glowy without feeling greasy, IF you use the correct oils for your skin type.

Is face oil only for mature skin? Absolutely NOT! Face oil is for all skin types and also for both women and men.

Young girls are struggling with oily, acne prone skin as much as an adult can struggle with hormone driven changes in their skin condition. We are all in this together, no matter where you are in your life. You just need to find the correct type of oil for the phase where you are.

In my face oil for Oily and Combination skin I blended oils which are absolutely wonderful for oily skin such as rosehip seed oil, argan oil (high in linoleic acid which is needed for oily skin), jojoba oil which is similar to our skin`s sebum and non-occlusive, grapeseed oil which also has high linoleic acid content and a very light oil.

For full list of ingredients, please check out my store.

In summary, I recommend using face oil in every stage of your life and what I recommend most is experimenting how many drops you need and make sure that you use the correct type of face oil depending on your skin`s condition. I personally use all of the different types I make depending on the weather as well. In cold weather my skin is thirstier than in hot weather so I just swap my heavier, richer oil blend for mature skin to the much lighter blend for oily and combination skin.

A piece of advice before you go; even if you choose a face oil without essential oils, please do a patch test to make sure that any underlying allergy could be ruled out so you will use only that kind of product which has ingredients which your skin can tolerate.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and now rushing to find your best match. If you need any help finding yours, just let me know, I am more than happy to help.

Naturally Yours,


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