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Why glass bottles?

You might wonder why on Earth I would select glass bottles for my products which eventually will end up in our bathrooms and yes....well...at least that would be me...it would end up on the floor all shattered into shards. BUT! and this is quite a big but...this was the only type of packaging I was happy enough with to use and introduce to YOU. Reason being? Easy....these are recyclable bottles, even the pipette. I wanted to take the chance and now I am a little bit more disciplined in the bathroom and found a place where I can put my little beauty without slipping from my hand.


Also, my family and I are environmental conscious, so it was almost an obvious choice. But there is something else why I thought these bottles will be the perfect fit for my products. The cobalt blue shade will help protecting the oils from UV damage...and this is how I found these cobalt blue glass dropper bottles. There you have it!


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