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Why Natural Oils?

I believe in what goes onto your skin should be something you wouldn`t mind eating, never mind pronouncing it.

OK, you cannot really do that with face oils - at least not with all of them - but I hope you get my idea how natural I want my products to be. No nasties in these beauty bottles.

Having said that, all of my ingredients are not tested on animals but my family, they are not artificial or synthetics, there are no fillers, additives, or any other stuff which would not cut for a natural product. However, I didn`t add any fibres in so you need to get them from other products...preferably from food.

I work with high performing, cold pressed oils. Such processing will keep healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by exposed to heat. 


You will see that I have products for three different skin types: oily and combination, normal to dry and mature. You can purchase all of these products with essential oils which would not just give you a lovely subtle smell but also could enhance the benefit of such oils.

However, I thought about people with sensitive skin who unfortunately cannot tolerate these essential oils, or who are expecting, so for them, I do have the same face oils but without essential oils. The smell would come from the nature of the oils used. Best of all these are not just for women, these oils - especially the ones without essential oils - are perfectly suitable for men, too. 

Please look at the product and/or ingredients page for further information on what specific ingredients each product has.

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