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- About Melitta Natural Skincare -

My story...

Hi, I`m Melitta the founder of Melitta Natural Skincare. I live in Leicestershire with my husband, 12 year old daughter and our dog, Lily.

I formulate skincare products for over a decade now and now the time has come to convert my passion into a business and share all my lovely products with you. I sincerely hope you will love them as much as I love making them..and of course using them. But let`s see why I have started making my own skincare products.

A little bit more than 10 years ago I realised how many unpronounceable ingredients were in my moisturiser and thought I needed to do something about it.

So what could a girl do with such a revelation? Evidently I needed to talk to my mum. Shhh...don`t tell this to my husband.

My mum was also shocked by the amount of ingredients, even a simple face oil, could my journey to natural cosmetics` magic kingdom has begun as I was trying to find the best blend which is natural, preferably organic, cold pressed to get the best quality product. And last but not least...our skin will LOVE it. I was on a quest to produce quality luxurious products with natural ingredients but still keep my recipes simple at the same time, and truly know what is being put onto my skin/into my body.

Now YOU can be part of this fantastic journey starting by using my handmade products which I sincerely hope will do the same magic as it did for me and my family and friends.

After 6 months launching my business, my face oil won an award at the Global Green Beauty Awards and now my second product - Blue Clay Face Mask - has also won an award at the same organisation. 

I am constantly developing new products and deciding whether they will be worthy enough for you and the environment. So keep coming back, you might find your next hero skincare product here.

My other passion about natural skincare is to protect the environment and being sustainable as much as I can. How could I and you be part of this? Using waterless skincare products (read more here) to reduce carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging, educate people that less is more

You might ask what you should do once you have this little magic blue bottle of face oil in your possession? Well, first of all do not eat it or start cooking with it! Probably you would not do such a thing so let`s get to the chase. 

Using face oil is usually your last step in your skincare routine as oil will seal the goodness of any other product you have already put onto your face. My suggestion is that you put a few drops into your palm, rub your hands together and dab it onto your damp skin. You can even use a few spritz of your favourite floral water and massage the oil into your skin with circular motion. You can use the oil on your face, neck and even on your décolleté. Top tip: I massage the remainder, if any, onto the back of my hands.

I prefer using it in the evenings, so all the gorgeousness of each oil can work overnight. However, during winter time sometimes I ditch my moisturiser and use only my oil in the mornings, too to avoid drying my skin out. 

I follow a simple but effective skincare routine for a very long time now and one of the most important thing is to cleanse our skin. I`m surprised at myself why I didn`t start my enterpreneur adventure with a cleansing product...but it`s never too late and I have that now as well here.

I would highly appreciate your comments on my products, what you like or dislike about them so I can implement your ideas as much as I can.

Fun fact: my 12 year old daughter is my smell tester and recently she approves my designs, too.

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