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Waterless skincare

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What is waterless skincare?

When people are talking about waterless skincare the first thing pops into mind is that the actual product they purchase does not have water content. Or at least this is how I use this word.

But there is so much more behind it; if you truly want a waterless skincare product is virtually non-existent. Why?

The real deal would be if the full process would not need water...AT ALL. However, we all know that the majority of natural skincare ingredients are plant based, hence they need water to grow the crops. Also, during processing raw material into a usable ingredient, it goes through quite a lot of water.

Why do I call my products waterless then?

I still believe that if I formulate waterless products, meaning the product people buy does not have any water content, will still reduce not just carbon footprint but it is more budget friendly as well.

Benefits of using waterless (no water in the purchased product) skincare products:

  1. Reduced carbon footprint: my products don`t hold water hence, they way less as these are either in an oil or powder form.

  2. As there is no water in my products, you need just an ever so tiny amount because you will add water at home - at a fraction of the price if it would be part of a product...cutting out a middle man, I guess :) so it is budget friendly.

  3. Water will activate the product to work if it is in a powder form, just like my Blue Clay Face Mask Powder; as for my Face Oil, you don`t add water to the oil but rather use water to give hydration back to your skin and the two will give that plump, nourished, glowing look.

+1 bonus: it does not need preservative as it does not contain water. But this is a tricky one because my third product I am working on will be in a powder form but will still need some kind of preservative....but at least I am trying to find the best which is still as natural as possible.

Have you ever heard about waterless beauty, waterless skincare?

Do you like the idea of not having water in your skincare products but you need to add it to be able to use them?

Let me know in the comments what you think!

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