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How to get GLOWING skin for Spring when you neglected your skin during winter?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Is this YOU?

Suffering from DRY, FLAKY skin; you might even have red dry patches, ITCHY skin?

I feel you....sometimes I don`t feel like having a full skincare routine, even though I know it is not just my skin but I need it as well. But life takes over a lot of things including my precious "me-time".

So what am I going to DO to GET BACK to my routine?

First of all, I had to reform my skincare products a little bit. Since I make my own lotions and potions, I am priviliged that I fairly cheaply can experiment what my skin likes or doesn`t like or if I need a bit more heavier face cream or a lighter one.

I found that DOBULE CLEANSING is a MUST even if I don`t wear makeup or God forbid SPF. My skin just loves it. I use an OIL to MILK cleanser (I make my own) followed by my Revitalising Powder to Foam Cleanser. I don`t think I will continue with this mandatory double cleansing when the weather will be warmer and my skin is back to its normal self.

Now, you might say that foaming cleanser is not the greatest but I can assure you that the one I use in my formula is one of the gentlest, it is ECOCERT which means it can be safely used in natural skincare formulations.

It is also important, that I EXFOLIATE once a week using my Blue Clay Face Mask Powder. You can use any clay mask which suits your skin type. Mine is a mixture of different clays and actives to boost your skin health and normally it is great for all skin types. There are of course certain cautions everyone needs to take before trialling a new product (yes, it is you patch test!). You can customise your clay mask adding face oil to the mixture, depending on if you have dry or oily skin.

Gentle exfoliation is key, do NOT rub your face, gently remove the mask with lukewarm water and never, I said NEVER EVER, leave your clay mask fully dry! If you do, it will strip your skin off its natural oils and that`s not good.

Once you have a beautiful canvas aka your clean face, you want to add some moisture back. Use your favourite serum, moisturiser and as a final step, a face oil.

I use a hyaluronic acid & niacinamide serum with a moisturiser before I massage my face oil into my skin.

Always massage face oil on damp skin and if you feel like it, spray a few spritz of floral water and massage all the goodness in with circular motion. You`ll feel that your skin is just plumper, smoother, brighter and there you go....your skin is GLOWING!

Last step in your AM routine is always applying SPF, no matter what the weather like. UV rays are always working even behind the clouds.

I hope your skin will like this routine, too. Mine definitely LOVES it and I can see great improvements in my skin texture and feel.

Happy experimenting!

Naturally Yours,

Melitta x

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