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Dry v. dehydrated skin

We are always so confused if we have dry or dehydrated skin.

So what`s the difference?

Dry skin is a skin type.

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition and it can affect all skin types.

Symptoms are very similar however, dehydrated skin lacks also from elasticity.

Dry skin is like a desert safari and it`s usually lacking in oils. Dry skin is thirsty for those precious oils that keep it nourished and supple. Lack of oil production could also lead to damaged skin barrier and could impact moisture retention.

Dehydrated skin however, is more like a soggy adventure. It`s when your skin is lacking water, not oil. Imagine a sponge left out in the scorching sun; it craves a refreshing splash. Dehydratedskin is parched and needs a big gulp of water to quench its thirst.

Here comes the little fun activity to decide if your skin dry or rather dehydrated.

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.

If it bounces back quickly, your skin elasticity is in good shape, you seems to be hydrated, good to go. The slower it bounces back, the more dehydrated you are.

It`s not a golden standard but it can give you an idea if you need more fluid.

Of course, as we age, our skin`s elasticity decreases, regardless of hydration status.

Just remember, this is a fun activity to have a quick assessment if you need more water.

Now, how do you take care of dry skin?

I use my Blue Clay Face Mask Powder once a week to deep cleanse my skin and get rid of dead skin cells and impurities.

I also use my Revitalising Cleansing Powder every day as a gentle cleanser to get rid of daily dirt and grime.

Every evening I finish my skincare routine off using one of my Face Oils depending on how dry my skin is.

In warmer weather I prefer the one for Oily Skin but when my skin is on the dry side, I prefer the one for Mature Skin.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and let me know if you`ve tried the!

Naturally Yours,


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