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This little beauty is designed for Oily and Combination Skin but suitable for all skin types using only natural oils. Some of the ingredients are especially good for oily skin such as the lovely Jojoba oil which has similar properties as your sebum, also a non-occlusive skin softening moisturiser. One of my other hero ingredient is Rosehip oil which is another perfect ingredient for oily and combination skin (smooting and brightening skin) and of course let`s not forget about Argan oil which is also very moisturising and still they do not leave any oily residue on your skin. Argan oil helps to maintain skin elasticity, too. I used some magical essential oils with uplifting scents which is good not just for your skin but also for your mind. Grapefruit has some fresh and sharp topnotes and can be refreshing and reviving for oily skin while rosemary gives the uplifting camphorous scent meanwhile controlling oil production and geranium will finish this off with some lovely rose scent. However, I thought about people with sensitive skin or who cannot tolerate essential oils. You can have the same product without essential oils, just look in the product page for these.


Our oily and combination skin natural face oil received Silver Award from Global Green Beauty 2021. We are so proud as this shows simplicity can indeed win.

Oily and Combination Skin

  • It comes in a cute 30 ml cobalt blue glass dropper bottle. Because it is not made of a see through glass, the bottle will keep all the ingredients fresher. However, you will need to do your bit and do not leave it on the sun, please

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