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Hello and welcome!

Hello and a warm welcome to my website!

I am so glad you`ve found me. I hope you have read my quest - that little rhyme on the home page was my daughter's idea by the way - and I grabbed your attention.

I cannot believe that I have opened my online shop after so many years dreaming about it. A lot of people nagged me why I didn`t start selling my products but it was just so difficult thinking about it, let alone actually doing it. But here I am!

I thought I will start this little blog here to share with you my journey, now that I took the plunge and had enough courage to start making these lovely natural products. My aim was and still is to have a simple as possible, natural but yet high-performing face oil which suits all skin types.

People often think - I was one of them - that oil is greasy (OK, this is true - let`s face it (pun intended), it IS oil after all), clog pores and it does nothing good to the skin, especially if you have oily skin. When you have oily skin, you might think why on Earth I need more oil when I have enough, thank you very much! But that is not the case and if you give it a go and start using face oil which is appropriate for your skin type, you`ll notice that it can actually make wonders.

Speaking about trying it....many people make another mistake, which is not giving any new product the 1-month trial period. This is the time frame for your skin to "change over" so you can see if something is really working or sadly not. So come on, give that trial period for any new product you start using - of course after a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

I would also like to talk a bit more about ingredients and maybe share as well what is going on in my natural skincare wonderland where all the magic happens.

This is it for now. But...don`t you worry a bit, I`ll be back :)

Please drop me a message if there is any particular topic you`d like me to cover here and I will do my best to post it.

Naturally yours,


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