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Different uses of our facial oil

I bet you are using your face oil only as your last step in your skincare routine and not utilising all the extra benefits a facial oil could give you.

If you recognise yourself or just curious, keep reading as you might be surprised how you could use our facial oil.

  1. For your face as a moisturiser - no surprise here. This is the standard way to use it to give you glowing skin.

  2. Add a drop onto the back of your hand. Who wants to see a beautiful glowing face and a not so beautiful hand.

  3. Cuticle oil - you could warm a drop in between your fingers and massage the oil into your cuticles to get those moisturised. We use such a great blend of natural oils that all could be super beneficial for your cuticles and nails, too.

  4. Use it as a primer. Yes, you read it gives you a great canvas to smooth your skin so your makeup can glides on beautifully.

  5. Add a drop or two to your foundation - let it be liquid or powder, it will give you extra moisture, especially when the weather is drying your skin.

  6. Add a drop or two to your moisturiser.

  7. Add up to 15 drops to your clay mask mixture. It works wonderfully with our Blue Clay Face Mask. Definitely give this combo a try!

  8. If you use tanning drops, our face oil is great for mixing the drops in.

  9. Quite good for split ends for your hair - I would only use it sparingly to the ends of your hair.

  10. Beard oil!! Yes!! I was the most surprised to actually read this on our website when someone left a 5* review. Who would have thought about that?!?

  11. I also tend to use it during winter time instead of my body lotion before bedtime so when I wake up the next morning, my skin is super soft and not dry.

Even if you have oily skin, a good facial oil blend can work wonders with your skin. It is very difficult to digest this information but it actually could work so don`t be discouraged if you have oily skin, you could still have all the benefits what a facial oil could give.

All of our facial oils have 100% natural ingredients which are all vegan, cruelty free. We don`t use any bulky, filler ingredients but good quality ingredients to give you the best blend which is simple, natural and powerful. This is your no-nonsense skincare.

Is there any other uses you would recommend? Let me know in the comments.

Naturally Yours,

Melitta x

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