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Hi Lovely,


A massive thank you for subscribing for my mail list.

I hope you will enjoy this little gift you can download

The package you will receive will have ALL of these exciting information:


1. Your very own DIY face toner recipe. I will explain all what you need to know about the ingredients, what they do to your skin, which one is better for each skin type and of course some very simple recipes for you to try out. Don`t forget to do a patch test before you will start using the product on your face!


2. You will also receive a BONUS gift, a very handy cheat sheet for morning AND evening skincare routine. This can be daunting I will not lie...BUT! of course you don`t have to do all of these steps. If you are after good healthy skin however, you will need to implement a few steps at least to take care of your beautiful skin. There will be a simplified version, too because I am not that kind of gal who would spend hours on her skincare routine...shocking, I know!!!

Hint: a face oil can do wonders to you skin; it`s a multitasker. Come on, give it a go!

My everyday skinimalist preference is:

#1 cleanse my face

#2 exfoliate 1-2x a week - my award winning clay mask is perfect for the job

#3 moisturise and hydrate - my award winning face oil with organic floral water will do this for you

#4 is for your morning routine, apply SPF, no matter what the weather is!


3. Finally, there is another BONUS which you could use as your label template especially if you`d like to give this as a gift. I included 2 different types so you can gift your creation to any female or male friend.


I hope you will enjoy reading but most importantly making this face toner.


If you have any questions, just drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


It would be great if you could let me know how you are getting on and maybe send me a picture of your beautiful creation. 


Have a fantastic day!

Cheers To Your Glow ®


Naturally Yours,

Melitta x

How to download: just click on the icons below and it will open in a new window. You will be able to save the files from there. Enjoy!

Any problems, just drop me a message. 

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